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Shelter General Features


The shelters are designed to accommodate electronic equipment and to protect them and operator personnel from external environmental conditions.

The shelters are built in accordance with the ACE Std Specification 6516/SHCPE/86, and has dimensions and weights as per above standard. The features are summarized here below.

The shelters houses electronic equipment and also provides adequate space to perform routine testing and maintenance.


The shelter consists of 6 “Sandwich” Panels (4 side walls plus roof and floor).

All shelter panels are constructed of two essentially parallel, one piece aluminium alloy skins enclosing a bounding self extinguishing hard foam core and reinforcing members.

This material insulates, thermally and acoustically, the shelter from the outside environment.

Inside each panel, several arrays of profiles are mounted; they assure better mechanical strength and a good anchoring system for equipment inside the shelter.

Shelter corners are protected by ISO-corner blocks which allow anchoring of the shelter itself to the vehicle during transport, lifting, towing and anchoring.

These blocks are replaceable, if necessary.

A perfect seal has been achieved by using special glues during the shelter construction both on the lapped joints and on the outside skin joints.

Ferrous metals are treated against rust and corrosion and copper-based metals against verdigris.

The external material and its finish is such that it will not crack or corrode and will be impervious to attack from insects for a period of at least ten years under any atmospheric condition.

Similarly, the interior material and its finish will not deteriorate or sag under a continuous usage for a similar period of time.

The shelter is completely painted both internally and externally.

The exterior of the shelter, after adequate surface treatment, is painted with color depending upon customer request.

The shelters conform to MIL specifications, therefore they can withstand shocks and vibrations encountered during transportation by sea, air, ground.

Access to the roof is possible by means of 4 folding steps which are fixed to the corner profile of the right rear wall.

A reinforcing plate is mounted on the roof to prevent any damage to the shelter skin, by an accidental dropage of the crane hook.

The outside surface of the roof is skid-proof.

A grounding bolt is installed on the right rear wall corner profile; another grounding point is provided close to the power entry connector, for more suitable and safety purpose.

Inside the shelter a linoleum floor is installed; a threaded-hole is also provided for water drainage.

Under the shelter’s bottom, three skids hold the cabin raised from the ground and also allow the towing of the shelter itself on flat terrain.

The skids are replaceable.

Environmental Conditions

The shelters are capable of being operated and transported, when outside temperature is between -40°C to +55°C.

The overall coefficient of heat transfer of the shelter does not exceed 1.7 W/°C - m2 - hr.

The shelters can withstand exposure to an atmosphere with 100% relative humidity for two weeks and can withstand exposure to salt spray for periods of two weeks without showing any detrimental effects.

The shelters can withstand the effects of rainfall of 50 mm per hour with a wind speed of 35 km/hr.

The shelter is capable of being immersed in water to depth of 50 cm measured from the bottom of the shelter, with no leakage or damage to the structure.

Storage Condition 

The shelter can be stored for two years without damage from –40°C to +70°C.

The humidity range can be from 10% to 100%.


The floor is finished with a thick plastic non-skid weather proof and electrically insulating material; a water drain hole is provided close to the door. The drain hole is properly closed by a special screw-plug which can be easily removed; that plug includes both environmental and RFI sealing device.


The inside walls are painted with a light green pastel colour and the ceiling is painted white.


A one-wing door is provided in the end wall opposite to the driving direction; it opens towards the outside. It is possible to open the door from the inside under all circumstances, even when the door has been locked from the outside by means of the padlock; i.e. when men are inside, the door can be opened from the inside by using an emergency knob which, when unscrewed, frees the outside padlock hooks. Suitable instructions are provided on the door, close to the device. The shelter door is equipped with a gasket for the water tightness and with an RFI gasket. Also the door-handle is provided with adequate RFI/dust/rain sealing. The shelter door is also equipped with a padlock and three keys; these keys are stored in a suitable box, screw type, mounted outside, on the shelter door. When necessary, the shelter door can be retained in opened position by the locking device fixed on top hinge side; the door can be simply closed by pressing the marked knob on locking device. When the shelter is on the truck and the door is opened, a hand rail fixed on the inside part of the door, can be used to facilitate the climbing in the shelter by the ladder.


For access to the roof the shelter is equipped with foldable pedal pads at the rear right corner. The shelter roof resists a distributed surface loading of 500 kg/m2 without damage and it is provided with antiskid painting. One person (90 kg) may walk on the shelter roof without causing damage.


The shelter, with payload is capable of being transported by helicopter, by rail and by vehicles over cross country roads and has adequate strength to secure the equipment mounted in the shelter when suspended by its ISO Corners. The shelters can be transported by a standard NATO cargo truck used within army and C-130 cargo aircraft.


The shelter is shielded as follows:

Electric field attenuation of 80 dB for all frequencies from 50 KHz to 1000 MHz;

Magnetic field attenuation of:

40 dB at 10 KHz
50 dB at 100 KHz
60 dB from 1 MHz to 100 MHz