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About Us

PAGETEL was established in 2001 as a turnkey portable shelter manufacturer and designer for military purposes. Our company has 4500 square meters closed and 3700 square meters open area and makes 100% domestic production.

As a system engineering and integration company, PAGETEL's great experience in shelter design and installation provides the company with the ability to design and supply all kinds of mobile systems on a turnkey basis and customer-specific.

As a "turnkey system" contractor, PAGETEL has gained a proven experience, especially in the field of sheltering, mobile and configurable systems, thanks to numerous systems it has successfully implemented.

PAGETEL has experience in the following areas:

• Design, integration and turnkey delivery of portable communication systems for military applications.

Standard and customer-specific shelter design, production and assembly with the ability to withstand RFI, EMI, EMP, TEMPEST, NBC threats

• Design and production of equipment especially for portable military communication systems (Shelter EMP / EMI penetration; air conditioning units; antenna mast; portable tropo antennas; portable satellite antennas etc.)

PAGETEL has established an Integrated Management System in the fields of ‘‘ Communication Systems for Commercial, Government and Military Applications, Engineering, Installation, Furnishing, Operation and Maintenance and Shelter Production ”. Within the framework of the Integrated Management System, which we have created from ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System standards, all our activities are carried out to meet the requirements. Our organization has established the Integrated Management System and undertakes to implement, maintain and develop this system.